Grass track at Ducketts Common

Five schools took to the grass at Ducketts Common for round 4 of the 2015-16 League.

Teams from St. Aidan’s, Muswell Hill, Coleridge, Risley and North Harringay primaries took part in fourteen separate races in an afternoon that saw fierce competition and some tense battles for the finish line.

The League’s first visit to Ducketts Common saw some thrilling racing.

Each rider from the five schools had the opportunity to race twice, earning points for their school in the annual League competition.

North Harringay managed to extend its leading position in the League standings, with Coleridge taking second place in the day’s points.

Risley dominated in the Girls 24″ category, winning two of the three races. St. Aidan’s riders had a good day, taking several second and third places in all but one category.

The battle for League points continues when the teams meet for round 5 at Chestnuts Park on 27th May.



After combining riders’ points for each race, the top three finishers for each category were:

Girls 24″
Kristianna, Risley 13 points
Esme, Coleridge 12 points
Scarlett, North Harringay 10 points
Boys 24″
Milo, North Harringay 13 points
Edvin, Risley 11 points
Benny, Coleridge 10 points
Girls 26″
Martha, North Harringay 12 points
Flora, Coleridge 12 points
Hannah, Muswell Hill 10 points
Boys 26″
Travis, North Harringay 12 points
Mehmet, North Harringay 12 points
Jerome, Coleridge 10 points


And the total points for each school for this round:

Total points per school
North Harringay 81 points
Coleridge 69 points
Risley 58 points
Muswell Hill 48 points
St. Aidan’s 44 points

See the results page (.xls) for a complete breakdown of all races and riders’ points allocation.

See also the current school standings page for the League competition and the HSCL flickr page for photos of the event.

The next HSCL event will be grass track racing at Chestnuts Park on 27 May 2016.

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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