No change at the top as League takes to the hills

North Harringay Primary School held onto its narrow lead over Risley Avenue in the HSCL competition after an afternoon of gruelling uphill racing in Finsbury Park.

Round Three of the 2015-16 League saw riders from five schools compete in the annual hill climb event.

49 riders from 5 schools raced the 300m climb in Finsbury Park..

Coleridge, Muswell Hill, North Harringay, Risley Avenue and St. Aidan’s raced against the clock on the challenging 300m course.

North Harringay and Risley took first place in the boys’ and girls’ races respectively, with several riders making impressive sub-minute times.

Each rider was able to have two attempts on the climb, with their faster time being used in the competition.

Congratulations go to North Harringay’s Mehmet who achieved the day’s record time of 46.45 seconds.

North Harringay notched up 75 points, maintaining its position at the top of League table, with Risley currently a close second. All may change in Round 4, with racing moving to the grass track from May.


Girls 24”
1st: Evelisse, Risley (01:02.97)
2nd: Misha, St. Aidan’s (01:09.77)
3rd: Amelia, Muswell Hill (01:11.60)

Girls 26”
1st: Rebecca, Risley (00:47.63)
2nd: Flo, North Harringay (00:58.55)
3rd: Flora, Coleridge (00:58.65)

Boys 24”
1st: Milo, North Harringay (00:49.04)
2nd: Edvin, Risley (00:55.08)
3rd: Christian, Risley (01:04.09)

Boys 26”
1st: Mehmet, North Harringay (00:46.45)
2nd: Travis, North Harringay (00:52.09)
3rd: Jerome, Coleridge (00:53.35)

School points
North Harringay   75
Risley    74
Coleridge    63
Muswell Hill    57
St. Aidan’s    30

See the results page for all riders’ times and points allocation.

See also the current school standings page for the League competition and the HSCL flickr page for photos of the event.

The next HSCL event will be grass track racing at Duckett’s Common on 6 May 2016.

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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