Scoring for League Events

League events are divided into separate races for boys and girls, and split according to wheel size.

All riders normally use the League’s Islabike Beinn bikes, with either 26” or 24” wheels.

The exact number of races in each event depends on the number of schools participating, and the time available. We aim for each rider to have a minimum of two races per event. There will be usually be at least four race categories:
Girls 24”
Boys 24”
Girls 26”
Boys 26”

Children are allocated their bike wheel size at the start of each event, according to height. It is vital that riders do not use different sizes during the various heats and finals in an event.

The normal format for the day’s racing involves a first race followed by final. Each rider will be allocated an A, B, or C final, according to their position in the first race.

First across the line gets 10 points, next rider 9 points etc…
A-finals are scored down from 20 points; B-finals from 15 points; C-finals from 10 points. Two riders in dead heats will be awarded the same points, based on the higher position. Someone who crashes and is unable to finish will be marked DNF (1 point). A disqualified rider will be relegated to last place. There are currently bonus points for Year 4 riders at most events: 5 points per rider per race, capped at 30 points per school team.
Roller racing events are scored slightly differently. Where riders have more than one race, their best time is recorded and ranked by gender and year group. These are then scored down from 20 points.

For the season:
Each school’s best scores are combined to give a total for the League table.
How many rounds are included in the final standings depends on how many events are held:
9 events: top 7 rounds counted
8 events: top 6 rounds counted
6-7 events: top 5 rounds counted
5 events: top 4 rounds counted
4 or fewer events: all rounds counted

Where a particular event’s scores are significantly higher or lower than usual (for example, when there are few schools racing, or in roller racing events), we may adjust the scores of all teams by the same amount, to bring it into line with other events in the series.

The winning school is awarded the Haringey Schools Cycling League Trophy at the season finale at the end of the summer term. All schools racing the minimum number of qualifying rounds receive trophies.