Photo policy

Photos of race events are currently posted on this website, Facebook and Twitter.

We ask all participating schools to include a photo permission request in consent forms to their riders’ parents and guardians, and to notify us of any children for whom photo consent has not been received.

How we use photos

  • We aim to follow British Cycling photography guidelines for under 16s, which essentially means that photos will be restricted to on-the-bike shots which involve racing or training activities; no off-the-bike shots of individuals or small groups will be used without specific permission.
  • No riders in photos are identified by names.
  • In the race results sheets available on our website, riders are referred to by first names only.
  • Where necessary, we use low-res photos to limit rider identification.
  • We will always remove specific photos on request.

If you have any concerns or suggestions about how we use photographs, please contact us.