Risley takes Round 6 as NHP secures League title

North Harringay Primary School

North Harringay, winners of the 2015-16 League trophy.

On Friday 1st July, 30 children from Coleridge, North Harringay and Risley primary schools made their way to Chestnuts Park to compete in the Haringey Schools Cycling League Finals.

The light rain towards the end of the day did not disturb the competitive spirit. It was a tight competition but Risley pedalled that much faster and gave it their all. Defeating the competition in all but one race, Risley came away at the top of the points table for Round 6.

While the results, and total scores for the League competition, were being calculated, the children spent time racing for fun. It was great to have the competitors socialising and building friendships across the different schools.

Labijon from North Harringay Primary raced for the first time and said, “I’m so glad I came and took part but I’m sad that I won’t be racing again because I’ll be going to my new secondary school.”

Although Risley stole the win on the day’s races, North Harringay Primary had accumulated the most points over the year. Councilor Peray Ahmet presented the awards.

“It was hard cycling today because the grass was a bit wet. I couldn’t believe we won [the League], I was so happy!” said Travis from North Harringay Primary School.


After totalling the points from each race, the top three finishers for each category were:

Girls 24″
1st Evelisse, Risley 11 points
2nd Saffron, Risley 10 points
3rd Maliyah North Harringay 7 points
Boys 24″
1st Edvin, Risley 14 points
2nd Jerome, Coleridge 11 points
3rd Kie, North Harringay 11 points
Girls 26″
1st Flora, Coleridge 17 points
2nd Cerise, Risley 15 points
3rd Kzha, Risley 15 points
Boys 26″
1st Travis, North Harringay 16 points
2nd Kaloyan, North Harringay 14 points
3rd Archie, Coleridge 10 points


Total points per school for Round 6:

Total points per school
Risley 78 points
North Harringay 72 points
Coleridge 51 points


Overall standings in the League competition (best 4 results)

Total points per school
North Harringay 323 points
Risley 305 points
Coleridge 239 points
St. Aidan’s 165 points
Muswell Hill 154 points (three events only)
Rokesly 32 points (one event only)


See the results page (.xls) for a complete breakdown of all races and riders’ points allocation.

See also the school standings page for the League competition breakdown and the HSCL flickr page for photos of the event.

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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