NHP take League title for 3rd time

North Harringay Primary School secured their third victory in the Haringey Schools Cycling League after an afternoon of grass track racing in the blazing sun at Bruce Castle Park.

NHP began round 5 as favourites to win, having gained a healthy lead in the last two scoring events.

They won five out of the eight races on the final day, and dominated the Girls 24″ and Boys 26″ categories.

They didn’t have it all there way, though, as Risley took both Boys 24″ races and fought back to win the second Girls 26″ race.

Coleridge came very close to snatching third place from St. Aidan’s, who were able to hold on to their podium spot by just one point.

Congratulations to all of the schools who have taken part in the League this year. We look forward to seeing you at the first event in the 2017-18 League in the autumn.

See the results spreadsheet (downloadable Excel file) for all riders’ results and points allocation for round 5.

See also the final school standings page for the League competition.

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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