The 2021-22 League Finale

Last Friday saw the concluding event in the 2021-22 League, bringing to a close our best-ever season. Seven schools, nine events, 475 riders — and some amazing racing.
Six schools competed in a day of grass-track racing on a simple oval course. Today, it would be riders’ raw speed and power put to the test, rather than their technical skills negotiating the twists and turns of our normal track layouts.
The first round of racing was the keirin, which involved riders being paced by a lead cyclist, gradually picking up speed over one lap before leaving the track and releasing the riders into a two-lap sprint.
The final race of the year was an ‘English Pursuit’ round, a two-up relay race between school teams lined up on opposite sides of the track.
In case there was any doubt about their dominance over the League this year, Stroud Green won five out of the eight keirin races, as well as their pursuit race against League runners up North Harringay.
final standings
Thank you to all to the schools and volunteers for their commitment to our League this past year, and to the teachers and assistants managing their teams on the day.
Many thanks to the deputy leader of Haringey Council Mike Hakata for presenting the trophies.
Thanks, too, to the Council’s Smarter Travel team for their support for the League over the past decade.
Most of all, though, thank you to this year’s riders — that’s over 250 individual children — for keeping us all enthralled with your speed, skill and determination. And for giving us some of the most exciting racing we’ve seen in our 10-year history!
And congratulations to our 2021-22 podium!
Stroud Green       🥇
North Harringay  🥈
Belmont Junior    🥉
See you all again for more in the autumn term.

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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