2021-22 League gets underway

round1 collage

The League’s first full season in three years got underway last Friday at Ducketts Common.

58 riders from six primary schools competed on a longer, albeit less technical, course than normal that proved to be an endurance test for riders more familiar with the tight turns and fast finishes of previous races.

Stroud Green, Belmont, North Harringay and Risley were joined by  St. Mary’s (making a welcome return) and newcomers Ferry Lane.

Continuing their dominant form shown in our post-lockdown mini-series, Stroud Green won the day by a wide margin. They won eight of the day’s 16 races — including three out of four A-finals — to finish on 255 points.

Belmont and North Harringay came next, taking three races each and finishing with 210 and 199 points respectively.

Ferry Lane ended their first day’s racing with the League with 195 points, winning their Girls 26″ race and coming 2nd in the A-final.

St. Mary’s finished at 192 points, and were one of only two schools to include year 4 riders in their team. They won their Boys 24″ race, and notched up an impressive five 2nd places across the day’s events.

Fielding a team of only eight riders, Risley were at a disadvantage compared to larger teams and finished the day with 178 points.

Round 2 will be at Finsbury Park on 5th November.

See the full results and points-per-school.

Standings after Round 1
League standings after Round 1

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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