How fast is your school?

opensprints race

We think all primary school children should have the opportunity to experience the sheer fun of racing on bikes. To help new schools give it a try, we can now bring cycle racing directly to your school — indoors!

Using our brand new Frog track bikes mounted on Kreitler Goldsprints rollers, and hooked up to OpenSprints electronics, we can run roller racing sessions in your school’s gym or hall.

roller setup

Roller racing is an easy way for schools to introduce bike racing to children — even those who aren’t too confident on two wheels. Four riders at a time pedal as fast as they can on our static bikes, while their progress round a virtual course is projected on the wall in front of them. It’s fun, fast and noisy! And because the races are quick, there’s usually time for several classes to have a go.

rollers 1

So, just how fast is your school?

We’ve been running a mini roller-racing series in the latter days of lockdown with some of our regular schools — and getting some impressive times over 500m races (that’s two laps of the Olympic Velodrome).

We’re especially keen to hear from Haringey primary schools that haven’t taken part in the cycling league before. So here’s the challenge: can you beat our schools’ top times?

opensprints winner

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League. If you’d like your school to take part, see How to Join.

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