North Harringay takes gold


The North Harringay Primary School team show off their gold medals and league trophy with Cllr Canver.

North Harringay Primary School came top of the Haringey Schools Cycling League after a thrilling afternoon of grass-track racing at Chestnuts Park.

NHP’s Mia Coffman and Loveday Robinson also took home prizes for being the top individual scoring girls in the borough overall.

Four schools took part in this final event in the League’s 2012-3 calendar: North Harringay, Chestnuts, Risely and Coleridge.

Points were awarded for the first 10 finishers of each event over the year, the school with the highest score winning the HSCL Trophy.

The overall results of the seven events in the League’s inaugural season are:
1st North Harringay 644 points
2nd Risley 554 points
3rd Colridge 522 points
4th Chestnuts 363 points

Full Results [.xls]

Would you like your school to take part?

Find out more about the Haringey Schools Cycling League
Sign up now for the 2013/14 season.

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