Record turnout for League opener

Nearly 70 riders took part in the 2018-9 League’s first race at Ducketts Common.

The 2018-19 season got off to a cracking start last Friday with the highest number of schools ever attending a League event.

Sixty-seven children from seven schools took part in a cyclo-cross race on Ducketts Common in brilliant autumn sunshine.

And if last Friday’s racing is anything to go by, the competition for the League trophy is going to be tougher than ever. Two schools, South Harringay and Chestnuts, showed that the days of the two-horse race between North Harringay and Risley could be over.

North Harringay were still able to dominate the day, however. They won eight of the 16 races, with 16 top three results, and notched up 174 points in the League table.

Second were South Harringay (145 points), who won two races and had 12 finishers in the top three. They nudged ahead of Risley (132), who also had two wins and three second places. Chestnuts in fourth with 127 points had three wins in the 24” races and two second and third places.

North Harringay out in front — but for how long?

St. Aidan’s and Coleridge drew with 88 points, with St. Aidan’s taking a first and second place in the Boys 24”, and Coleridge scoring two third places in the Girls and Boys 24”.

They may have come at the bottom of the table, but newcomers Stroud Green had an impressive first day’s racing. The only team to consist entirely of year 4 riders — fielding just two riders in the 26” races — they took a second and third in the Girls 24” and 26” respectively.

The school teams competed in 16 races across four categories, with each rider able to race twice. That we were able to accommodate so many riders and run the event so smoothly was down to the hard work of our coaches, parents and volunteers, and the great support from all the schools.

Round 2 will be in Finsbury Park on 7th December.

Race results and points
Total points per school

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NHP retain League while Risley rule at the Palace

Round 6 saw the League’s first visit to Alexandra Palace Park.

North Harringay became League champions for the fourth time after an afternoon of racing in sweltering conditions at Alexandra Palace Park. Risley Avenue came second, scoring the most points for Round 6. South Harringay, competing in their first League, took third place.

A total of 39 riders from four schools took part in the finale of the 2018 Haringey Schools Cycling League, racing on a challenging but fun cyclo-cross course in 30-degree heat.

With North Harringay almost out of reach at the top of the League standings, Risley were determined not to let them have it all their own way and fought hard to win the most points for the day.

Their chance came with the pursuit relay, which was neck and neck until Risley began to gain on their rivals towards the end. With just one rider left, NHP managed to claw back some of their lead — but Risley hung on just enough to take the win by a wheel length.

St Aidan’s Primary had a good day, with an emphatic win in the Boys 24” and taking 2nd in the Boys 26”. They just missed out in their pursuit relay which, in another close finish, was won by South Harringay. St. Aidan’s finished the League series in fourth place, above Coleridge and Chestnuts primaries.

A big thanks to the schools who’ve taken part this year and for all the help from support staff, volunteers and parents, and for the continuing support from Haringey Council. And not least, congratulations to the nearly 150 riders from six schools who competed so hard throughout the year and delighted us with some brilliant racing.

Next year’s calendar will be posted here soon. See you next term for Round 1 of the 2018/9 League!

Race results and points
Total points per school
Photos of Round 6

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Round 5: Back to the grass at Chestnuts

Inspired by the visit to the Herne Hill Velodrome last month, the League returned to Chestnuts Park for an afternoon of grass track racing.

Chestnuts, South Harringay, Risley and North Harringay primaries battled it out over 16 races, which featured the keirin, devil and a pursuit relay.

North Harringay dominated the day, winning nine of the 12 scoring races. Risley scored next highest in overall points, winning two and managing a top three in all but one race.

Full details of race results and points
Total points per school

The final event of this year’s League will be cyclo-cross racing at Alexandra Park on 6th July.

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Return to Herne Hill

Awesome day in the sun at the Herne Hill Velodrome last week. Twenty-eight riders from five Haringey primary schools took part in a day of coaching and racing at this historic former Olympic venue.

Children learnt to use track bikes on the banked course, riding close together, swapping turns at the front of the group… culminating in a very close pursuit race. Amazing confidence and ability shown by everyone. As one rider put it: “That was the best day ever!”

The racing didn’t count for League points, so the standings remain the same.

The next event will be grass track racing at Bruce Castle Park on 8th June.

Round 3: Rain? What Rain?

After being snowed off in March, the threat of heavy rain couldn’t prevent Round 3 from happening last Friday, which saw six schools battle it out on a damp and technical MTB course in Finsbury Park.

Fifty-four riders raced with fearless determination through a twisty, narrow track which was often slippery from the morning’s downpour. Some dramatic, close finishes were backed up by impressive bike handling and mercifully few crashes, despite the conditions.

Congratulations to Chestnuts who, making a welcome return to the League, came out on top with 79 points. They took both the Boys 24” races and had riders in the top three in five out of the day’s eight races.

North Harringay were close behind with 74 points, securing both Girls 24” races. Risley were on fighting form in the 26” races, winning one each of the Girls and Boys events. Coleridge and St. Aidan’s took once race each (Girls 26, Boys 26) while South Harringay fought hard to take 2nd and 3rd spots in the Girls 24 & 26.

Full details of race results and points
Total points per school

See the gallery page for photos of the day’s racing.

Standings after round 3

Round 4 will be at the Herne Hill Velodrome on 18th May.

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Round 2: Cross on the Common

The first race on grass of this year’s League was a cyclo-cross event on Ducketts Common.

Forty-three riders from five schools — including 12 first-time racers — braved the cold to compete on a flat but challenging course with plenty of turns.

North Harringay dominated the day, winning seven out of the 12 races (with Milo, Markian and Lyra taking each of their 26” rounds; Isac winning the first boys 24” race).

Impressive performances by newcomers South Harringay saw them win 3 races (Hattie and Lauren in the 26” category; Tula in 24”). Risley and St. Aidan’s took one race each (Billy in the boys 24”, Kacey in the girls 24”).

Rider of the week was South Harringay’s Hattie who, on her way to her second win of the day, crashed in the first lap. Unfazed, she remounted and battled her way from the back of the bunch to take fourth place on the line.

Finally, special thanks to Coleridge for competing despite only being able to field a team of four boys on the day.

Full details of race results and points
Total points per school

The standings after Round 2 see North Harringay move to the top spot with 233 points:

standings 2

Round 3 will be at Finsbury Park, on 2nd March.

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Roller Racing!

Fast, furious and frantic! Five schools battled it out on rollers in Round 1 of the 2018 League last Wednesday. Some amazing pedalling by riders from years 4-6, many of whom were racing for the first time.

Children from North Harringay, Risley, South Harringay, St. Aidan’s and Coleridge rode track bikes mounted on rollers. Each rider’s speed was projected on a screen in front, as they pedalled 500m — the equivalent to twice round a velodrome track.

Risley swept away the competition with some extraordinary times: Billy managed the 500m in just 32 seconds to record the day’s fastest time, closely followed by Harry (32.8) and NHP’s Milo and SHP’s Luca (33.3 seconds each).

Risley also fielded the fastest Y6 girl, Sinem, at 36.3 seconds, with NHP’s Lyra and Thea (Y5) not far behind with 37.3 and 39.8 seconds.

Yasmin and Cayla from Coleridge and St. Aidan’s took first and second place in the Year 4 girl’s race (45.1, 45.6 seconds).

And some determined riding by North Harringay’s youngest rider saw Stanley take the top spot for the year 4s (39.1 seconds).

Full details of all riders’ times and points

Total school points for the event put Risley at the top of the League standings after Round 1 with 75 points:


Round 2 will be a cyclo-cross race on Duckett’s Common, on 2nd February.

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